Tuesday, August 31, 2010

angry + sad = confused


i don't know what did u want from me. why did u do this to me eyh? when i said i'm away or i know u had a better life without me, u started to get angry..why?? i'm totally confused..if i've did sumthg wrong to u,i'm so sory..mayb i'm not that gud enuf to be ur fren..if u got problem,i do respect it..but please..control it..everyone got their own problem..i also got my own problem..i'm still can handle it without intefering my social life..and i'm not saying that i'm perfect..nobody's perfect dear..u know ur self well enuff than i do.....

i'm so sad when u strated ignoring me..why can't u be like bfore??i do misz the old u..i miss it so much!!..hmm..i know who i am..i never regret knowing u..u owez be my bestfwen..but for u??i dont know..its up to u..
tcare my dear fwen..

p/s : please do appreciate ppl around u as long as they are still there..

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