Wednesday, September 29, 2010

thanks you!

i'm so happy today..
u noe y??
today one of my lect ,
Sir Faizal
(my e-commerce former lecturer)

he called me:
"hey Photogarapher of The Year!"

and i was like:
"i wish its true..hoping 4 that to be true.."

and he said:
"starting from today i'm going to call u by that name..and you know why,it will encourage u to work harder to get that title.."

b4 this he said to me that:
"You have talent just a little bit of hardwork, i believe you will create the next master piece....have faith in yourself and the things you do.... good luck and make me proud ok......"

tq sir for all of ur suppport

u always support ur students
i'll try my best to success in this arena n make u proud of it..
last but not least,
i didn't 4get to my other lect who also support me from behind
heart u guys so much!


  1. wah !
    pengguna nikon

  2. un phat le : hehehe..;p..

    hasif : x musuh dgn ane2 pengguna jenama dslr lain...