Friday, October 29, 2010

to sumone from my past..

28 October 2010..
Happy Birthday to u..
even though we no longer togather,
i'll never 4get bout ur birthday..
and sumore,
thank 4 giving me support in my stdy..
thanks 4 everythg..
may God bless u & ur family..
n in ur relationship..
gladly ur happy now..
i'm happy when u r happy..
thanks 4 everythg..
almost 2 years already we've brake-up..
but still..
i cant 4get u..
i'm sory..

 " i know that my post this time might hurt sumone,but..this is what act happen..and i'm so so sory if i've hurt anyone's feeling by posting this entry..i'm sory again...:("

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