Monday, January 17, 2011


its been a while i didn't update anythg here..
since i cant sleep..
i want to share somthg what happened to me last few weeks..

6 JANUARY 2011:
i've been rushed to Hospital Balik Pulau,Penang at 11.45pm..
I was admitted to the emergency unit because my body temperature is extremely hot and I was coughing very badly at that moment..

they gve me dripping to regulate my body temperature returned to normal

after they check my condition,
they suspect that i got TIBI..
demmm shock!!
i didn't smoke..
how come i can get TIBI
the suspect that because i've been coughing almost 3 weeks..
they asked me to see doctor for PTB WORKOUT the next day..

they told me to wear a mouth mask it anywhere I went because they feared infectious to others

7 JANUARY 2011

my appointment with doctor at 8am at HBP.
the asked me to :

blood test

"kahak" samples sent for testing

"mr.froggy" owez by my side

my medicine

until my next appointment 14 January 2011..

14 JANUARY 2011
the doctor said to me that..
i'm free from TIBI..

so guys..
do tcare of ur health yea..

currently listening to :cinta tak bersyarat

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