Thursday, March 17, 2011



soseh soseh ~~
- selesema ta baik agy.. :( -

eventhough i'm flu-ing..
still i wanna update muh bloggie..

cecite 1 :
finally my fren got a job!!
-tade la ngadap FB je ari2 lagi..;p..-
she's very lucky i guess bcause on her 1st try out she got the position..
if not mistaken she's applying for technician over there..
to : Azra Famiza a.k.a Chip Coklat
C.O.N.G.R.A.T.Z !!
keje bebaik yew!
t ley blanjew ak..;p
- u've promised me -

cecite 2 :
to who??
ade lah..;p..
i won't say it..
until YOU say it 1st
-waiting mode-

cecite 3 :
netball oh netball..
its been years i didn't play netball..
recently in the evening after class we got training..
sangat BEST!
even i'm not in a good conditions..
means i'm sick or my leg injurt.
i dont care..
i'm still go for it..
my position in that game is GS(goal shooter)
tade la terror pon..
its juz 4 fun!
-majulah sukan untuk negara-

cecite 4 :
on 25 & 26 of March there will be an expo at my college..
i'm one of the entreprenuer on that day..
me and my group member are going to sell tutttt!!
come2 and support us!
there are lots of activities on that day..
- weee!~!! -

cecite 5 :

Tsunami @ JAPAN
i bet u guys know bout these incident rite..
news about it all over the world
seriously i'm shock! when i heard about it..
 so guys..
pray fo them..
its the only way we can do..

cecite 6 :  
hey kamu! ya! kamu lah!
i like u lah..
dont get me wrong ok dear..
i just like u..
it doesnt mean that i love u..
ya la..
i syg u as my fren n family..
love & like its diffrent thing..
it's diffrent taw!
so i like u 4 being a gud fren 4 me..
owez there 4 me when i need sumone to talk with..
lepaking togather..
semua2 lahh!
tu jew..
- sha lalalala!~!! -

cecite 7 :
people come n go from my life..
y eyh??
where did i go wrong..
ape pun..
if i've done something wrong..
m so so sory..
dun wory..
i nvr 4get u guys..

cecite 8 :
tade cite dah lahh!!
(kalo ade t i'll continue)
-Lisliyana Johari pi tdo..da kul bpe nie-


2.30 am (actual time)

- end of cecite part 1 -

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