Sunday, March 20, 2011

movie time!!


c that poster??
it is what i'm goin to post/share about today..

me, angah & ainul went to 1st AVENUE..
-sumwhere around KOMTAR-
4 sure la our aim to watch a mvie there..


-huhu..gelojoh betul nk cite sampai x sempat nk bg salam-

ok.. ok..
what is HMM??
what its all about??

the story is 
based on the 16th century historical document of the same name..
narrating the
early history of the state of Kedah..
Stephen Rahman Hughes as Merong Mahawangsa..
Prince Marcus Carprenius of the Roman Empire
Langkasuka to marry Princess Meng Li Hua
from the Han Dynasty of China..
thus uniting the two powers of east and west.
the aim of this movie introduce the rich history and culture of the Malay world internationally.

the synopsis of HMM based by wikipedia :

"In the year 120, Roman Empire at that time under the reign of Hadrian, while in China, Han dynasty are a powerful empire and has expanded its rule to the Central Asian countries. During the Roman forces are repairing their vessels in Goa, they asked for help Merong Mahawangsa Rome to accompany the Prince of Langkasuka (said to be located in the north of Malaysia) to China to marry a beautiful princess of the Han Dynasty.
However, pirates of the Garuda clan has a different design. They decide to kidnap Princess of China and make it as a hostage. At the end of irrigation Strait of Malacca, Merong Mahawangsa and the fleet was attacked by Garuda. Thus, the duty to rescue Princess Merong Mahawangsa China and integrate him with the Prince of Rome to find a marriage of two great civilizations of East and West."

from the movie :

"Jaga jaga panah Garuda
kalau diluka disini ada ubatnya..
Raja kami lah jaga kami..
..Raja kami kelak pasti... akan kembali"`
- Embok

"Sampai masa tibanya waktu,
Redup hati kaum berdua.
bila dua jasad menjadi satu,
hidup mati jadi bersama"..
- Merong Mahawangsa

my comment:

i think malaysian director should produce more historical movies like this..
it make history somthing that interesting to be remembered to generation by generation..
and by filming it,
it also make history easy to understand and not forgotten..

to those that didn't watch that movie yet..
go and have one..
experience ur self..
trust me..
its worth it!

Good Job KRU Production..
keep-up the good work!

-thumbs up- 

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