Tuesday, April 19, 2011

13 jam..

finally i can update my bloggie..

1st of all

last SUNDAY..
-17 April 2011-

Persatuan Belia Waja Bestari (WABES)
have joined
"Program Warga Ceria"
Kg. Baru Alma , Bkt Mertajam,Penang..

besides us..
there are other government corporations participated in the program

in the morning, they start with aerobic exercises

Cik Embun
-nama samaran-
sebok posing

kakanda ku..:)

kami un senam gak..
senam muka..;p..

smgat gyle akk nieh..

up up & away...;p

makcik2 yg sgt sporting

after that there is a demonstration to catch a snake by the
Civil Defense Department ..

completed that ..
there was a talk for students ..
coloring contest ..
and many more programs going on that day ..

oh ya ..
want to know is why the title of this post 13jam?
the reason is because my friend and I went out that day for 13jam ..:)
ronda bersama nek moto wey..
thnks ya bff !!

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