Wednesday, June 15, 2011

zaman blajar..


 i missed ...

picture above is when I was six years old .. 
memories in kindergarten .. 
Tadika KEMAS Kg. Kijang (1996)
i'm standing beside boy standing next to the teacher .. 
the girl who wear the red ribbon..
cute x??
some of my kindergarten friends I meet after kindergarten, they had already been changed and there is still the same ..
 missed to play sports together, choir, nasyid and many more .. 
and the most unforgettable memory I could not forget about the kindergarten .. 
something had happened during our visit to Perlis. .
shame myself .. hehe ..

these picture were taken when i was in Standard 5..
i'm a formal student of 
Sekolah Kebangsaan Alma Jaya (1997-2002)
actually many more pictures for me during the primary school ..
unfortunately ..
I could not find those pictures ..

after that..

my journey of learning continued at :
High School Bukit Mertajam (2003-2007)

when i was in Form 1..
there's nothing much to talk about because it was my 1st year at HSBM..
i'm getting to noe how to survive at HSBM..

Form 2..
i've joined choral speaking team..
n we got 2nd place..
at least we r still on the top 3 rite..:)
oh yea..
time ni i had a crush on someone..
funny things happen..

Form 3..
waa x ingat sangat la..huhu
expecially my classmate..
do remind me ap da jd eh masa form 3..

when i was in Form 4..
i had an excident with a car & i'm riding motorcycle..
until now i still need to be extra carefull when using my right hand..
its because..
my shoulder dislocated caused from the accident..
thanks a lot to all my friend n classmates who give me support while m recovering from the injuries..
the accident makes me 1 month away from school..

my last year at HSBM..
i've played Bowling for my school at MSSPP..
for single player i got no 4..
double player no 5..
n for group if not mistaken we got no 5..
after the state tournament..
during Add Math test..
my shoulder dislocated again..
maybe i've put alot of pressure when i'm playing bowling..
it hurts!
the memories at HSBM still unreplaceable..
i missed all my HSBM fwen..
i really do miss u guys..:)

after SPM..
i'm furthering my studies at :
Island College of Technology (2008-2011)

actually too many memories when i'm at ICT..
i've become apart of 
Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar ICT (MPPict) :
Exco Kebajikan Pelajar & penghuni Asrama (session 2009/2010)
Naib Yg-Dipertua MPP (session 2010/2011) 

selain itu..

i've joined a lots of programme..
such as..
Persidangan Meja Bulat 1 Siswa 1 Malaysia at USM..
Perkampungan 1 Siswa 1 Malaysia..
Bakti Siswa..
and many more..

oh yea..
x lupa jugak masa kat ict..
i've given the chances to be
"ketua asrama"


these r my classmate..

semua sgat best!

rindu semua !!

thats all..

my English maybe bad..
but its all came from my heart n i'm improving my english..:)

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