Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I’ve been thinking..

their mind & thoughts just like that..
Because of 1 single thing..

Everything changed..
And immediately forgotten the sacrifices that been done..
 Izit people now days doesn’t know how to be THANKFULL..
They just don’t care bout people feelings..

Oh yea..
1 more thing is promises..
Keeping promises is like having a commitment/deal between u and the person who u are dealing with..
But now..
Promises is just a WORD..
U can listen but…
Without a proof, its not going to make any sense..
Because of promises.
Now it’s hard to trust anyone anymore..

It takes lots of time to gain trust in people again…

Stop giving excuses!!
When u’ve been caught doing something u shouldn’t do..



Everything have changed..
If there’s no more feeling that what we called
Tell the truth..
Don’t just simply hurt that person more by cheating, lying or  what after u already have replacement for her/him..
Its just..
World today..

“what goes around comes around”

** To all readers..
It’s just a piece of my mind. Its been bothering me lately.. So I made up my mind to post it over here.. Maybe it can help us or remind us something that we should or should not do.. At the same time I’m telling to my self tooo..


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