Thursday, April 26, 2012

- sumthgLASTforYOU -

this is my last post that i'm going to mention about U here..

i guess thats it..
we're done..

thanks 4 the precious :

i'll never forget those moments when we are together..
u do HELPed me lots..
thanks 4 everything..

even though we r far  apart
i never 4get to :

i do really hope YOU can

sory 4 da DISTANCE..
i've tried my very best..
i've failed..
there are better person that r closer with u then i do out there..

i'm very sory if i'm just a burden  u..
i'm very sory  causing u much trouble..
i'm sory bcoz i cant b da VERY BEST 4 u..

- take care & hope u'll have a better life  -
tq & i'm sory


** xkan pnh lupa ap yg kaw kata dulu mase mule2 knl :
"RUPAnya ada..tapi HATINYA penuh kesedihan"

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