Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mr. Johari & Mrs. Salehah..

hye readers / bloggers..

post kali nie nie special sket..

its about :
My Mom Birthday & My Dad Retirement day

my mom's birthday on April 28 ..
and about my father..
his retirement actually on 11may..
but they gave him an early leave to finish up all his off day 4 this year..
his last day working end at the same date on my mom's birthday..
unfortunately i cant go home on that day because
on 29 April morning i got exam..
so i need to postpone it until my paper on that day sattled..
in the evening..
i went home and ...

i bought them a Cake
Strawbery Cake



here they are!

sesi potong cake..

sweet kan..:)

- speechless -

its my turn!!!

mak & abah..
i love u!!

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